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Since friends and family have already been told, it’s time to go public. I’m moving to Singapore! I’ll be studying for a PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at NUS (that’s the National University of Singapore), starting in August, and combining this with a healthy dose of travel.

singapore-merlionSingapore is very well located for exploring more of South East Asia, with its position right in the middle of the region. As well as getting to know Singapore in more depth, I hope to see more of Malaysia and Thailand, both accessible by overland transport as well as cheap flights.

My studies will enable me to understand the region of South East Asia in a whole new light, with courses in the first year including topics such as history, economics and arts of the region.

Living in Singapore will be a welcome break from Central Java. I’m looking forward to having hot running water at home for the first time in four years. Aside from home comforts, I can’t wait to live in a multicultural city again, and to taste my way through the culinary delights of this Asian metropolis.

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