Jonker Walk Night Market, Malacca, Malaysia

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If you’re in Malacca on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll almost certainly visit Jonker Walk Night Market. Is it just another tourist market? Perhaps. But there is plenty to see, and a great atmosphere for browsing.

Jonker Walk Market

Both sides of the street, which is actually called Jalan Hang Jebat, are lined with stalls selling everything from tasty dim sum and chocolate-dipped fruit to mobile phone covers and flip-flops. Browse your way down and eat on the way back up the street, or stop at one of the cafes that puts chairs and tables outside and enjoy the a bowl of noodles or icy cendol. Despite being crowded we found it was still possible to browse comfortably, so go there at dinner time and taste some of the street food.

Jonker walk stall

Top marks for originality go to this stall!

The market is only open on Friday and Saturday nights; on other evenings it’s just a normal street, so plan your trip accordingly.


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