South Sulawesi in Pictures 4: Batutumonga and a Buffalo Fight

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We had been told there would be a buffalo fight in the village of Londa, Tana Toraja, and sure enough, hundreds of spectators lined the grassy bank watching the buffaloes face off in the mud below. Driving north to Batutumonga another day, we took in breathtaking views across the whole Toraja valley.

Spectators at the buffalo fight

Spectators at the buffalo fight


Buffaloes face off

The buffaloes face off against each other. Run like a tournament, throughout the day new pairs of buffalo were brought out to fight. We saw them rush into the crowd once, but no one was hurt. The Torajans know what to do when faced with a raging buffalo.


Graves in a large rock

Graves in a large rock on the way to Batutumonga


Terraced paddy fields

Terraced paddy fields make for a great view.


Looking far into the distance

Looking far into the distance across the landscape of Tana Toraja


Rantepao from Batutumonga

The town of Rantepao spread out below, from Batutumonga


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