Hotel Review: Tune Hotel LCCT, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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This is a no-frills, budget, transit hotel, plain and simple. If you’ve flown into Kuala Lumpur on a budget airline (this is AirAsia’s base) you will be at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), and this is the nearest hotel. You can actually see the hotel from the terminal, though it feels much further than it looks when you’re dragging your luggage through the massive car park. Tip: the hotel runs a shuttle bus for MYR 1.

This was the second time I have used Tune Hotel LCCT as a transit hotel and, if anything, it just looks a little more worn. The Tune chain has hotels across Malaysia and in several other countries. Sold on the basis of a clean room with a comfortable bed and en-suite power shower, it pretty much does what it says on the tin, though the slogan “5-star beds at 1-star prices” is an exaggeration to say the least.

The room was tiny (smaller than rooms at the Tune Downtown KL Hotel that I recently reviewed), and I had to move the bed slightly to make space to lie my suitcase down and open it (a large suitcase indeed, but still). It would have been very difficult to fit two people’s luggage in. The queen-sized bed was comfortable, with lamps on both sides and a single bedside table. There was a small fold-down “table” on the wall at the foot of the bed, a couple of pegs on the wall and a large ceiling fan. The decor was a little worse for wear, with scratch marks and stains on the walls (nothing terrible, just not the vibrant, new and shiny place it had been when I stayed here almost exactly two years ago). The power shower was very good and the bathroom was very clean

As a budget hotel, you can pay for add-ons, including towel rental, air-conditioning and wifi internet. I bought 12 hours of air-conditioning for about MYR 13, which was far more pleasant than having the massive ceiling fan on all night. The air-conditioning unit only went from 20-30°C, which was not really cold enough initially, and had very limited controls, without a way to make the flaps open and close. I also attempted to buy wifi internet (24 hours cost MYR 12), but I couldn’t connect on my phone or my laptop. Returning to reception (there is no way to phone down to reception) to complain, they immediately offered a refund rather than offering to come upstairs and fix it, which suggests that this may be a common problem, and is worth bearing in mind if you are intending to work using the internet during your stay

Traffic noise would be an issue for light sleepers at this hotel, with a busy road outside my window. However, at least there was a view across the airport area. The building is designed with the corridors or walkways on the outside, so anyone can and will walk past your window on the way to their room. Curtains and net curtains offered privacy, but also shut off the view. Sound insulation was not great, with people talking in the corridor or opening and shutting doors sounding very loud in my room

Breakfast is not provided since this is budget accommodation, but there are several places to buy food on the ground floor, and many eateries at the airport.

Staff were helpful and service was fast and efficient in excellent English. I was surprised when the porter who showed me to my room asked for a tip, as I had not had that experience at other Tune hotels, or Southeast Asian hotels in general.

Overall, this is a transit hotel, for people who are in between flights into and out of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It’s very cheap and very close to the airport terminal. If you’re not transiting there is no reason at all to stay at this hotel.